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The Sikh Surge

The Sikh comunity has arrived with a bang. They are at the helm of affairs in almost all spheres of governance and the Khalsa is virtually ruling India.  by Neeraj Mahajan / Anil Tyagi Ek onkaar sath naam karathaa purakh … Continue reading

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Waiting for peace

A positive action on the report by the three interlocuters appointed in 2010, might just give an opportunity to bring lasting peace in Kashmir Three wars have been fought over it, a major part of the Indian army is tied … Continue reading

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A Rootless Wonder!

A prosperous agriculture and a thriving manufacturing sector is a sine qua non for the sustenance of the service sector, not the other way round. When the plight of hungry French peasants due to high prices and scarcity of bread … Continue reading

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Making things simple The government takes a shot at procedural reforms to scale up private sector participation in the defence sector  by Naresh Minocha Stung by repeated criticism over policy paralysis, the government is set to perk up private sector … Continue reading

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Change the game

The controversy surrounding the selection of the Indian contingent for the 2012 London Olympics again puts the spotlight on the need for a transparent sports policy with better governance In India, where sporting facilities are available to a small part … Continue reading

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Miles to go before…

Ashutosh Agnihotri may be young in age, but what he has achieved as DC in some Assam districts would make any seasoned officer proud by Amarjyoti Borah The people have great expectations from me. I have to put in more … Continue reading

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Corruption means a soft state

HOW strange it is that, though admittedly a highly corrupt nation, we have no institution for corruption studies. Corruption, after all, is a serious matter that touches all aspects of our national life — social, political, economic, corporate, juridical, moral, … Continue reading

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Matter of trust

From internal problems to political control to peoples’ distrust, an Indian policeman has to face the worst from all sides. Some suggestions to improve the situation. When we discuss a topic such as ‘what ails Indian Police’, are we not … Continue reading

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‘Political interference can’t be removed’

After 30 years of service in various positions, retired civil servant Arun Kumar Rath says that an IAS officer should be an agent of social change  Almost three years after his retirement from the Indian Administrative Service as Secretary, Department … Continue reading

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Maharaja murdered?

Various sleuths created by Agatha Christie, James Hadley Chase or Earl Stanley Gardner would suggest that if you want to catch the murderer, look for the person, howsoever unlikely, who benefits from the murder. In whose favour does the will … Continue reading

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