Matter of trust

From internal problems to political control to peoples’ distrust, an Indian policeman has to face the worst from all sides. Some suggestions to improve the situation.

When we discuss a topic such as ‘what ails Indian Police’, are we not making a fundamental assumption that there are things which are not well with Police in India? Is it not too sweeping and overwhelming an assumption?

Hence, it does not seem completely irrelevant to discuss whether Indian Police is performing up to its own satisfaction and to that of the people it caters to. Since I am a police officer, it would not be right for me to comment on whether the police organisation thinks the police departments are functioning efficiently and effectively or not. About the politicians, we all know when and how they rate the police organisation. If a political person is in opposition, to him the police force will be part of an extremely biased, repressive, regressive and inefficient ruling power structure; but, if the same person comes to power, he becomes a great supporter of the police organisation, generally defending it to the hilt. As for the people of the country, from whatever little interactions I have had with them, I can say with confidence that the common man in India does not rate Indian Police very high. They have a large….READMORE


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