Miles to go before…

Ashutosh Agnihotri may be young in age, but what he has achieved as DC in some Assam districts would make any seasoned officer proud

by Amarjyoti Borah

The people have great expectations from me. I have to put in more effort to perform better and live up to their expectations”, says 38-year-old Ashutosh Agnihotri, a 1999 batch Assam-Meghalaya cadre IAS officer who is creating ripples as the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kamrup Metro district of Assam. In just a decade of service and 13 postings, he has done many things that others may not even have dreamt of.

Agnihotri is a confirmed workaholic and man of action — for a man who has almost just started, he has managed to create an enviable reputation that follows him wherever he goes. The people of Dibrugarh and Nalbari, where he was DC before shifting to Kamrup, remember him as a ‘down to earth’ bureaucrat and common man’s DC. An innovative architect of administrative reforms, Agnihotri, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, is winning the hearts and minds of the people of Assam.

Strangely, the very things that make him popular with people invariably land him into trouble, though he may not intend things to happen that way. He is a man who never gives up even when it’s an uneven fight against bigger odds. Though he has paid a price for his crusade against corruption, Agnihotri is determined to take the fight to the finish.

As a firebrand young IAS officer, Agnihotri was instrumental in several development works in his previous tenures. Among other things, he was instrumental in exposing a major driving licence scam in Nalbari. Fake driving licences were being issued on such a big scale that the situation was proving to be a nightmare for the police. Public complaints were piling up. A preliminary enquiry revealed that several big names were


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