Right to Education a farce


humour mk kaw
Right to Education a farce
Today, when we survey the educational scene in India, all we see is an awful mess. The reason is the absence of a single cohesive, integrated vision which can sift through the reports of numerous expert committees and come up with workable, pragmatic solutions. Things are done in such a tearing hurry that no one has time to think through the repercussions of decisions already taken.
  • Take, for example, the Right to Education Act. When it was passed, it looked like the long-awaited culmination of hopes and aspirations of millions of illiterate children. But when we examine the practical implementation of the Act in the field, we find that it has many lacunae:
  • It would be apparent to the meanest intelligence that you can have total coverage of all out-of-school children only if you declare a large majority of our schools as neighbourhood schools.  The principal and staff of such schools will then be legally responsible to physically bring each out-of-school child to school. In practice, the whole concept of neighbourhood schools is missing. Lip service is paid to the concept by awarding some points to distance of residence from school. Even in this watered down version, parents take the school managements for a ride by giving false residential addresses……….READ MORE

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