From the Editor

Vol. 6 | Issue 8 | November 2012

From the Editor
Scam was the buzzword in October. The people were aghast, as one skeleton followed another. How and who is exposing the corruption is just a matter of name but the critical point is that the ruling and opposition parties, who are at the helm of affairs to ameliorate the condition of the poorest, are allegedly just busy making money. The dynamics of Indian polity is no longer about serving the nation but instead the mantra is “you scratch my back and I scratch yours.”
No one could have ever dreamt of such a fallout of economic liberalization, which has mandated ministers to plunder natural resources at their whims and fancies without following the legalities and procedures laid down by Parliament and the Constitution. Kleptocracy and despotic tendencies are at an alarming rise. No wonder, the common man is angry. The grassroots voices may not be strident or heard in the media but the process of churning is on and the day is not far when some window will open, which may liberate us from the despotic kleptocrats. Many say, having a corruption free India is just a utopian dream, but that does not mean that India should give up treating this menace; no country can afford to do so. Singapore was the most corrupt country in 1960s but now that phase is just a footnote in its history. The tables were turned by civil society. Our cover story ‘The collusion’ is in consonance with the voices against the new breed of greedy politicians. Our Associate Editor Neeraj Mahajan details the connivance between and among businessmen and politicians. The pawn desires to be the master and the master desires to be the unquestioned king of the ring. What a paradox for a democracy!
Kunal Verma, our Associate Editor on Strategic Affairs, has exposed the game going on between India and Pakistan through Track II diplomacy. Demilitarisation of the Siachen Glacier is a long debated issue but it can’t be negotiated in a hush-hush way. A final nod is the prerogative of Parliament but it too has been kept in the dark. Who is behind this game, nobody has answers, not even the Track II veterans who participated in these deliberations. Another eye-opening article by our columnist M G Devasahayam points out how the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant makes a mockery of democracy and freedom. Our veteran columnist M K Kaw, a former Secretary Civil Aviation, hints of a serious conspiracy behind the decline of Kingfisher. He writes, “a coterie has been running the aviation policy; the sole objective is to ensure the dominance of a single airline.” Prabhat Kumar is worried about his fellows when he points out, “the civil services have not been able to create a brand image of ‘civilian’ despite having virtually held sway over every nook and corner of a citizen’s life. The only dubious brand he carries is that of an arrogant ‘babu’, who is also often corrupt.” READ MORE

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