PMO looks for R&AW, IB chiefs

Vol. 6 | Issue 8 | November 2012

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PMO looks for R&AW, IB chiefs
Country’s two premier intelligence agencies, Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) and Intelligence Bureau of India (IB), are also looking for the new chiefs with the present IB Chief Nehchal Sandhu and R&AW chief Sanjiv Tripathi retiring on December 31. The top contenders to fill Sandhu’s post from within the IB are Special Directors V Rajgopal (1976 UT) and Yashowardhan Azad (1976 MP), an old IB hand and son of the former Bihar chief minister Bhagwat Jha Azad. Asif Ibrahim (1977 IPS), who served as a PA to late Madhavrao Scindia when he was Railway Minister, is also among the contenders. IB sources say that if he is selected for the job, he will supersede five officers. Another contender is Ram Niwas Gupta (1976 IPS), a Special Director in the IB. Azad seems to have an advantage over other contenders as he retires in 2014, after the others in the race like Rajgopal and Gupta. It is not difficult to understand why the IB chief’s post is coveted. The Bureau is enormously influential and its director has access to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Over the years, the post has gained in importance because the IB director has become a trouble shooter and a crisis manager for the Prime Minister. The post of chief of R&AW, which looks after external intelligence and has huge funds at its disposal, is also highly coveted. Also, no questions are ever asked on R&AW spending. Special Secretaries Alok Joshi (1976 IPS Haryana) and Amitabh Mathur (earlier IPS and now R&AW) are the only two contenders for the post. It is for sure that if Mathur is posted at Aviation Research Centre, a body in-charge of surveillance, then Joshi will be appointed as R&AW Chief. But there is one hitch – in case Nehchal Sandhu, who is very close to the Prime Minister, is given a one-year extension, than Sanjiv Tripathi too may get a year’s extension. So, wait and watch…

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