Why we love to despise the police

Vol. 6 | Issue 8 | November 2012
police a k verma
Why we love to despise the police
The criminal justice systems and societal fault lines worsen the police
image, making policing a thankless job
Ever wondered what lies at the roots of the oxymoron that common people love to despise the police? Its seeds are buried in the deep history of the British Raj, so deep that the modern narrative on the subject hardly ever brings it under scrutiny.
The original culprit is the Police Act of 1861, which laid the foundations of the current police system in the country. The act was a creation to safeguard the Raj and its officialdom, but not the interests of the people. The act, among other measures, established the rural police to control crime and law and order, even as it did not provide them with adequate funds for transportation or food. They were expected to live off the ground…………READ MORE

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