‘Police is still looked upon suspiciously

arun bhagat
‘Police is still looked upon suspiciously
Instead of acting objectively, senior officers today have a tendency of looking at which way the wind is blowing
The appointment of Ranjit Sinha  as the new CBI director has been ‘unnecessarily politicised’, says Arun Bhagat, the former chief of Intelligence Bureau (1997) who was also the Commissioner of Police, Delhi (1990-92), This is especially because all regulations and parameters had been met. Some political parties, however, feel that this decision should have awaited the enactment of the Lokpal Bill. But this would not have been sound administration. I think as far as possible every political party should eschew matters which lower the morale of the police or its agencies.
Sharing his views and professional life experiences with gfiles, Bhagat said he never faced any political interference when he was the Delhi Police Commissioner or as the IB chief. He refuted the allegation that the IB was often used by the ruling party for keeping tabs on the opposition and other political movements. “You see, you can’t help it because you are (IB) concerned with the security of the nation and this means the stability of the incumbent government at the Centre and the States as well. At one point of time, there were so many coalition governments in the states, many regional parties had emerged and so you had to be aware of what was happening.”  READ MORE

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