From The Editor

From The Editor

The year 2013 is significant for India’s polity and economy. In my opinion, it will lay the road for India in the coming decade. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura will go to the polls during the year. The results will more or less give a clear picture about the outcome of general elections due in 2014. There may be a major change in the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2013. If good sense prevails, Narendera Modi may not throw his hat in the ring as candidate for BJP presidentship. He may let some other leader take over the reins of the BJP for the time being as Nitin Gadkari is certain to depart. He may take a decision after the results of the forthcoming assembly elections after getting a green signal from the RSS. This is just a hypothesis. But one thing is sure, the year will signal a new beginning for BJP, four decades after Advani and Vajpayee dominance. 
On its part, the Congress is also not without its share of problems. Emergence of Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare and the campaign to malign the Gandhi family and Ministers loyal to 10 Janpath, highlighted the party’s problems in the year gone by. The Congress Party now has to think whether to allow Manmohan Singh to continue as Prime Minister or not. Given the dynamics of politics, it is not easy for the Congress leadership to dethrone Manmohan Singh, who has strengthened his position in recent days, irrespective of the bickering behind his back. He is working as per his agenda and one can say that he has been successful despite all odds. READ MORE…

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