Gadh gela pan simha aalaa

Gadh gela pan simha aalaa
(The Fort was won but we lost Lion)
The powerplay in BJP gets more exciting not due to Gadkari’s exit
but more because of Rajnath Singh’s entry.
by K Subramaniam
History is known to repeat but not in reverse. According to Maratha history, one of Shivaji’s Generals gave his life to win a fort in the battle with the Mughals, giving rise to the adage ‘gad aala pan simha gela’ (the fort was won but we lost the lion). Gadkari (one who holds fort) could not hold on to the BJP fort in the wake of a Purti full of allegations of financial irregularities. But he did not go down all alone. Like Humpty Dumpty, he brought down the reputation of the RSS, which had placed him on the high wall of 11 Ashoka Road. But first things first.
The humiliating defeat of the BJP in the 2009 elections promptly sent the party into hibernation, forcing its ideological mentor, the RSS, to step into the dirty political pond to make the withering lotus bloom again. The new RSS chief personally presided over the liquidation of the party’s top dirty dozen and carefully placed a made-in Nagpur heavyweight at the top. Long back in RSS history, one Konkan Brahmin, an advocate from Pune, is learnt to have told the RSS founder that Nagpur oranges will not sell in Pune. But that is history.
Like good Generals, BJP’s Delhi daredevils decided to retreat and strike back when the time is ripe. To be fair to him, Gadkari initially did manage well, accommodating every strand of the BJP groups in his assembly line. He revived the dead cells (read departments) and brought in a fresh lease of life. The textbook politics that the RSS expected Gadkari to follow were yielding some results. Many elements who had ideological differences with the non-Hindutwa line leaders were persuaded to return to the party and with good results. But it was his toeing the Nagpur line that was putting the future of the party’s second-rung leaders at risk of losing their future to the Gujarat strongman….Read More

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