Gadkari’s folly, Advani’s gain

Gadkari’s folly, Advani’s gain
Gadkari undone by palace politics
Businessman turned politician Nitin Gadkari never imagined that political wars can be so lethal that his whole persona would be erased in just a day. If reports about the BJP president issue are to be believed, it appears that patriarch LK Advani still rules the roost. Gadkari was certain that things were going his way, especially as the party had amended its constitution in September, enabling the president to enjoy a second consecutive term. But, Gadkari had himself sown the seeds of his removal when RSS pracharak Suresh Soni’s acolyte, Prabhat Jha, was denied a second term in MP at the instance of Chouhan. The latter wanted Jha to stop projecting himself as the next CM. Adding fuel to the fire was the Purti case expose, which put paid to the ambitions of Mohan Bhagwat and the old guards in Nagpur about the second coronation of their proxy. While managing Nagpur may have appeared fairly easy to Gadkari—he often claimed in private that nobody could remove him as he spends around Rs 2 crore a month to look after everybody—he forgot the other end of the party’s political stick, LK Advani. Not only that, Gadkari could not take Sushma Swaraj, Yashwant Sinha, MM Joshi and Arun Jaitley along with him. That the rift between Advani and Gadkari was too wide was evident when on the day of his resignation, Advani ignored him even though the two were seated next to each other at a function in Mumbai. RSS stalwarts Mohan Bhagwat, Suresh Soni and Bhayyaji Joshi were also in Mumbai on the BJP fiasco day. As per reports, Bhagwat summoned Advani but the latter avoided the meeting. What also raised eyebrows was the sudden awakening of the IT Department in the Purti case; fingers point to certain leaders in Delhi. The national capital is an intriguing place; nobody knows who plays which string and why. Alas! if only Gadkari had got a hang of the palace politics in Delhi. g…Read More

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