‘IAF will be an instrument of choice in all future security challenges…’

‘IAF will be an instrument of choice in
all future security challenges…’
The IAF today is shedding its vintage fleet, updating its operational strategies as well as morphing itself into an ultra-modern integrated multi-tasking fighting force. With 42 years of service and close to 3100 hours of flying experience, Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne is in the hot-seat as the 23rd Chief of Air Staff. For a person, who was the architect of IAF’s modernisation as the Deputy Chief of Air Staff, will he now be able to harness the strength of the men and women in blue and transform the IAF into a future ready war machine? Excerpts from an interview with Neeraj Mahajan
gfiles:What changes will you like to be remembered for bringing in as the 23rd Chief of Air Staff?
Air Chief:IAF will be a fully networked, multi-spectrum strategic aerospace power and prime instrument of choice in all future national security challenges. Inductions like those of the C-130 J 30, Mi-17 V5 Heptrs and Su-30 aircraft are steps in that direction. Soon, we will be inducting AW-101 VVIP helicopters, Pilatus PC-7 basic trainers, C-17 Globemaster strategic lift aircraft and other weapon systems. I would like to be remembered for leading a professionally reputed Air Force during its defining phase.
gfiles: How different is future aerial combat going to be?
NAK Browne:Future aerial combat will be a high-tech war requiring induction of new technologies and continuous efforts to optimally exploit such cutting-edge technologies.
gfiles: Some experts favour a lean, mean IAF and have suggested reduction in force levels. Do you agree?
Browne: I broadly agree with the concept of a ‘lean and mean’ force, but this phrase must be interpreted in the correct perspective of getting the best ‘bang for the buck’ and not necessarily as a reduction in force levels. In the IAF, there is an urgent need to build all-round capability…Read More

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