Plugging the weakness

Plugging the weakness
An integrated approach to future wars and conflicts is inescapable. This is a weak area of our national security and needs to addressed urgently.

THE mission of air defence is to sustain national will by preserving our military capability and preventing hostile air power from inflicting crippling damage to our war-waging apparatus. Pre-emptive offensive air action to destroy enemy war-waging capability is also considered a type of air defence, but traditionally air defence is understood to be the denial of one’s own airspace to any hostile activity while keeping it open for friendly operations. Air defence units are continuously on ‘alert’, both in peace and war. All air activity is monitored and deviations are dealt with as per laid down procedures. During war, air defence aims to safeguard strategic and military capability, and prevent enemy air power from inflicting damage to our war sustaining efforts. Such damage can result from attacks by manned aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), ballistic missiles, with conventional or nuclear warheads, or space-based weapon systems…Read More

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