Poetic justice

Poetic justice
Those were the days when the bulls ran riot in Haryana, especially with Om Prakash Chautala, as Chief Minister, leading the herd. It is learnt that the atmosphere was literally suffocating for bureaucrats in the State. Like the proverbial tribal leader, Chautala only had to speak; it was for his officers to listen and act whether it came to appointments or recruitments, be it of policemen or of teachers. This is even though such verbal orders were void ab initio. For an honest and hardworking officer, it was difficult to follow such orders. It is learnt that Ms Rajni Sekhri Sibal, 1986 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre, was asked to change the appointment list of 3,200 Junior Basic Training Teachers by Sher Singh Badshami, the then political advisor to the Chief Minister, in the presence of OSD Vidya Dhar, a promoted IAS officer, and Ajay Chautala, OP Chautala’s son. Ms Rajni was then the Director, Primary Education. She said ‘no’ and instead recommended compilation of the results vide her notesheet dated June 20, 2000. As the Tribune reported, an INLD functionary then came to Ms Sibal’s office and shouted at her for not acceding to the wishes of the powers that be. It said Ms Sibal was so upset at the behaviour of the INLD functionary that she virtually cried. But taking the bull by its horns, Ms Sibal sealed the almirah containing the correct results in the presence of five employees. The keys of the almirah too were sealed in an envelope. An enraged Chautala immediately transferred Ms Sibal. Her successor, Sanjiv Kumar, initially a Chautala loyalist, took the issue to the Supreme Court after he was suspended by the State Government. The Chautala stampede finally ran out of steam, when the former Chief Minister, his son Ajay and 53 others were sent to Tihar jail following their conviction in what has come to be known as the JBT scandal. Today, Ms Sibal is working as Joint Secretary in the Union Animal Husbandry Department. g…Read More

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