Shiela plays the IAS fiddle

Shiela plays the IAS fiddle
Delhi is in election mode this year. So, it is a year for appeasement of all, especially the transport lobby. The power that this lobby wields becomes evident if one looks at the speed (sic) with which it was able to trace the bus involved in the infamous Delhi gang rape case, where all it had to do was to scan the Delhi Police hafta (weekly) collection dairy. For any official applying the brakes to what this lobby does not like, a ‘free’ ride to another office is almost assured. Transport Commissioner Rajendra Kumar, 1989 batch AGMUT cadre, was appointed just three months back. He had been in the good books of the Government as he had served as Secretary, Education and Power, and was instrumental in implementing VAT. When he took office, he made it clear that all private bus operators and three wheelers must install high security number plates. Caught in the wrong lane, the transport lobby, especially a contractor working in the transport fitness centre at Burari, started exerting pressure to move Kumar out and their efforts paid off. There’s more. The Secretary, Civil Supplies, was transferred within a month after he tried to stop the Rs 100-crore blackmarket of gas cylinders. Again, the lobby around Shiela Dixit was successful in ensuring the transfer of Rakesh Bihari, Chairman DSIDC. As Chairman, he wanted all files to be routed through his office, but for the ‘string-pullers’, this was a ‘no, no’. So instead of files moving into his office, Bihari saw himself moving out. His successor, Amit Yadav, a ‘91 batch IAS officer is known to have close ties with the CM’s office. Importantly, his wife Devashree is heading the DJB where the PPP model is being implemented at a fast pace. Bihari had been appointed as DSIDC Chairman in what was seen as a peace-keeping gesture. Earlier, Bihari had threatened to move CAT if he was not appointed Chief Secretary. But, the moment the Government had its own Chief Secretary in place, Bihari was shunted out. g…Read More

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