Searching for the limelight!

CIVIL service officers, especially Secretaries, enjoy commendable respect till the time they are in office. But, barring a few exceptions, all aura and respect goes the moment they demit charge. Take the case of Rita Menon, an IAS officer of UP cadre, former Textiles Secretary and currently chairperson of the India Trade Promotion Organisation. She barely attracted any attention at two recent functions held in the Capital unlike earlier when few could chose to ignore her. On April 21, at the Civil Services Day, Rita Menon was seen sitting in the back rows as there was no fixed seat for her. Again on April 26 on the Public Sector Day, Menon was seen searching for a seat in the front rows and finding none, she shifted to the rear. As the function ended, she realised that nobody was taking note of her presence;…by%20the%20way


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