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Cheat funds

COVER STORY scam chit funds Financial scams and scandals rock the country on a regular basis. Promising quick money to gullible small investors, these scamsters make a killing and then vanish into thin air. And what does the system do—it … Continue reading

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Exploiting the loopholes

COVER STORY regulation chit funds Whenever there is a scam, the government and regulators realise the need to plug loopholes in the law. But, after a lull, unscrupulous operators are back in business, promising the moon, and investors again fall … Continue reading

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Jignesh Shah goes free again

GOVERNANCE scam nsel The Bombay High Court recently granted Jignesh Shah bail after 107 days in jail in the Rs. 5,600-crore National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) scam. Justice AM Thipsay said in his order: “I am granting him bail… since … Continue reading

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Modi: Taking a leaf out of JP’s book?

GOVERNANCE inclusion mg devasahayam AS Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out with his first discourse on inclusive governance while addressing the nation on August 15, 2014, he spoke of governing India through sahmati (consensus), not bahumati (majority), and sought the … Continue reading

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Babus rule the airwaves

FOLLOW-UP broadcasting poonam dabas THERE has been a spurt of media articles, editorials and television debates after the new Government has come to power giving the impression that the government is exerting bureaucratic control to manipulate the working of the … Continue reading

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