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From the Editor

ATITHI Devo Bhava’ or ‘A guest is akin to God’ is an ancient Indian credo. India will have the most powerful personality of the world as its atithi on Republic Day. US President Barack Obama’s visit is likely to be … Continue reading

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The gfiles Governance Awards 2014 felicitated civil servants who strove to make a difference by taking good governance practices to the people ADDITIONAL Secretary in the Union Coal Ministry AK Dubey proudly remembers an incident involving his friend and Kerala … Continue reading

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Modi Governance: Quo Vadis?

The Modi government has been in power for nearly eight months now. Yet, there is no sign of an architecture or blueprint of Modi’s governance agenda Christmas (December 25) was observed as Good Governance Day to celebrate the birthday of … Continue reading

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Jignesh Shah The end game begins

Jignesh Shah is selling his stake as he and his company, FTIL, have been declared unfit to run any exchange The higher you go, the greater your fall. Two, there are no permanent mai-baaps to break your fall each time … Continue reading

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Inspector Raj bleeds economy!

Reforms have not improved the ease of doing business in India and everybody knows why. There has to be a check on the still pervasive inspector raj. ajay Jain and Saurabh Jain regret the day they decided to shift their … Continue reading

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Unlocking value for shareholders

Owner groups should understand that the long-term interests of different shareholder groups, be it minority or majority, are always aligned Companies must be managed in a manner so as to create maximum value for all its stakeholders. Over the past … Continue reading

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‘I joined the army to fight the Nazis’

Lt Gen JFR Jacob, the only Jew to have risen to the highest echelons of the Indian Army, speaks of a bygone era He hails from a family that migrated to India some 200 years ago and he proved himself … Continue reading

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Who owns Gandhi, anyway?

When Nripendra Misra escorted Narendra Modi to his prime ministerial chair, perceptive observers, apart from noticing that Modi signed his charge assumption report with a Mont Blanc pen, could not have missed the startling fact that there were no photographs … Continue reading

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The making of Yadav Singhs

It is scary to realise that the Yadav Singhs of the country get the best support from the system and that they have a number of friends among peers, superior officers in the department, senior bureaucratic circles and the political … Continue reading

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Parliament: A political institution and not merely a debating club

Shubhabrata Bhattacharya reviews The Dramatic Decade, the first of a trilogy penned by Pranab Mukherjee The genesis of the United Front (multi-party alliance) politics in India and the strategy to successfully manage the dialectic associated with such eventuality is perhaps … Continue reading

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