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The chosen ones

Over the past seven decades, every prime minister has a band of ‘anointed ones’, the civil servants who translate his or her vision of governance into reality through mature and professional administration. Read more

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From Raj to Rafale 3 : Opium of India Inc

In the third part of the series on corruption in modern India, Alam Srinivas explores the intricacies of the illegal exports of Indian opium to China, which enabled most of the country’s well-known business families to become rich and wealthy. … Continue reading

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Central Bureau of IRONY

IRONY was writ large when the government took the unprecedented midnight step of sending the CBI director and his Number 2 on leave just two days before the annual ritual of Central Vigilance Awareness Week was to kick off on … Continue reading

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Mutual Benefit Club

THIS is the story about the six-degrees-of-separation principle. In personal lives, one can link with anyone anywhere in the globe through six links—A knows B, who knows C, who knows D, and so on, until the person G, who is … Continue reading

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An intriguing deal

FOR decades, Indian governments, in league with private aviation players, destroyed the operational and financial foundations of the state-owned Air India. The public sector entity, which was formed after the merger of Indian Airline and Air India, bled, and became … Continue reading

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Academic autocracy and authoritarianism?

The proposed Higher Education Bill would abolish the somewhat autonomous UGC and bring higher education totally central control. Under this Bill, the role assigned to the States is at best perfunctory and militates against the very grain of federalism. Read … Continue reading

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Exercise in futility

On October 9, 2018, The Economic Times carried a front-page article under the headline ‘Pay Tax, Get Rewards from the Govt’. It shows that the Government is looking to put in place an incentive programme to reward and recognise taxpayers … Continue reading

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