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Unwelcome Change

STRANGE are the ways of the government at times. For instance, in the beginning of the twentieth century, the government of Madras Presidency created two posts of LBC (Linlithgow Bull Clerk) and LBA (Linlithgow Bull Assistant) merely to please the … Continue reading

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From Raj to Rafale 4 – Mahatma and Millionaires

TODAY, a whiff of crony capitalism, i.e. a politician helping a businessman or vice versa, results in a scandal. But in the pre-Independence era, when India and Indians fought for freedom from the British Raj, there was no such stigma … Continue reading

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Daring Challengers

THERE was a consensus among central ministers with previous experiences in civil services, and former and serving civil servants that the mainstream media and society does not highlight the good work done in the field of administration and governance. Prabhat … Continue reading

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Invisible enemy

INDIA is at war with an invisible enemy. This adversary in none other than smuggling and counterfeiting, which are together termed as illicit trade. Illicit trade is the world’s largest growing industry and its size is estimated to range between … Continue reading

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Ayodhya through the ages

AYODHYA is the Jerusalem of Eastern religions. This ancient city is the ‘Promised Land’ of Ixvakus. The children of Ixvaku established Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism here. The children of Abraham cultivated Ganga-Jamuni culture in Ayodhya. Like Jerusalem, it has witnessed … Continue reading

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New job for security

IF you are a regular visitor to a Minister or a Senior Secretary’s house and his/her house is well guarded by NSG or Central Government security personnel, then be careful. It is learnt that the Home Ministry has issued an … Continue reading

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Patra seeks LS ticket

THE power of television is such that it can make a politician rise from a persona non grata to a national celebrity. One glaring example is BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra, a surgeon turned politician. He is popular among BJP workers … Continue reading

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Looking for a face

CONGRESS President Rahul Gandhi has indicated to his colleagues that he is not aspiring for the Prime Ministerial seat in the 2019 polls. He is clear that defeating BJP should be the aim of Congress Party and is ready to … Continue reading

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Will Sonia contest?

SONIA Gandhi is 72 years old and she has been very active till now. Insiders reveal that her health condition is worrisome not only for the party but for Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi also. Leaders who are meeting Sonia Gandhi … Continue reading

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IAS forum takes up cause

FORMER Coal Secretary HC Gupta (1971 IAS), KS Kropha (1982 IAS) and KC Samariya (1993 batch IAS) have been sentenced to jail in the coal scam that happened during the previous UPA regime at the Centre. The charges against all … Continue reading

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