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From the Editor : Anil Tyagi

FREEBIES can enable politicians to win elections. But they will make them lose a nation.If the politics of loan waivers, higher minimum support prices for foodgrains, and unemployment dole (read MGNREGA) for rural folks continue, there will non-engineered strife in … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut : A Kafkaesque trial in our times

IN March 2013, a concerned group of ex-bureaucrats, including some former cabinet secretaries, met then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to advocate for urgent amendment to the incongruous provision (Section 13 1 d iii) in the Prevention of Corruption Act. The … Continue reading

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Corruption : From Raj to Rafale 5 – The Mundhra case

IT started with a follow-up question that politicians ask after a newspaper or news channel report. On September 4, 1957, a Lok Sabha member of the ruling Congress regime, Ram Subhag Singh, referred to an article that appeared in The … Continue reading

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Cover Story : Farmer Crisis Waiting to explode

There is a huge crisis in agriculture. It has remained so for seven decades. The ticking bomb is about to explode. It’s time to stop the suicides, prevent farmers from throwing their produce on the streets, and prevent migration to … Continue reading

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Cover Story : Crisis in Indian Agriculture: Can it be Overcome?

AGRICULTURE anywhere has two aspects—land and man, or farm and farmer. Both are equally important, though policy makers and agricultural experts often take the former—land or the farm as more important. Increasing the productivity of land and water is important, … Continue reading

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Cover Story : Promoting Cooperative Farm Start-Ups

THE Niti Aayog’s Strategy Document for “New India @75” highlights that India is the third largest country in terms of the number of start-ups. In context of the recently launched Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) that aims at radically transforming the … Continue reading

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Governance : ‘Development’ sans equity is a scam

Preamble of India’s Constitution has promised ‘Equality of status and of opportunity’ to all citizens. As we have seen predatory ‘development’ achieves just the opposite and is a scam. This needs to be countered and reversed. Read more

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State Scan : Dawn of Chhindwara model

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister seems to have started on the right note. Unlike former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s penchant for publicity, Kamal Nath has conspicuously stayed away from the practice. But, his real test will be how he manages … Continue reading

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Governance : Keeping NGOs in check

NON-GOVERNMENTAL Organisations (NGOs) have existed in India in varied forms for many decades. Even though the term NGO found its place in common usage through a United Nations Charter at the end of World War II, the idea of voluntarism … Continue reading

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Governance : Responding to taxpayer’s woes

THE indian legal system is a live organism responding to the changing needs of time and the people and making amendments in the law when required to address the same in a timely fashion, taking into account the problems faced … Continue reading

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