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From the Editor : Anil Tyagi

DECADES ago, when I was sitting with Harmohan Dhawan, the then minister of Civil Aviation in the Chandra Shekhar Government, I was told that the latter had asked the relevant ministers to give 5,000 telephone connections and 5,000 LPG connections … Continue reading

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Corruption : Corruption : From Raj to Rafale 7 – A Mother’s Son & Son of God

In the seventh part of the series on corruption in modern India, Alam Srinivas looks at how Indira Gandhi’s efforts to centralise corruption led to two of the most high-profiles scandals—one was bizarre and mysterious, and the other was an … Continue reading

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Cover Story : Let’s lure voters – again

In this century, national elections across the globe are rigged on social media. Online social networks can make or mar any election, be it the US, the UK, France, Brazil, India, or African nations. There are just a few unanswered … Continue reading

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Cover story : Challenge of 2019: A Parliament for the people,not politicians

RECLAIM the Republic”, these are the words resonating these days in the intellectual circles and is trickling down to the grassroots as a cry for saving India’s First Republic. Reclaiming the Republic means saving its institutions because Republics do not … Continue reading

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Governance : Con Man’s image makeover

The conman is working out strategies to convert a sure-shot defeat into victory. A gambler who wanted to be a billionaire by 40 and retire at 45—he made his fortune and still had nothing much to do a few years … Continue reading

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State Scan : Faltering start

THE three-month old Kamal Nath government has the dubious distinction of making Congress President Rahul Gandhi look like a fraud. If this sounds scandalous and unbelievable, check the records of the Madhya Pradesh assembly proceedings. This government has virtually admitted … Continue reading

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State Scan : Indore shows the way

MUNICIPAL governance in India has never been considered to be something that needs any commendation at any level. It’s mainly because, barring a few municipal bodies (Surat which, in the 90s, woke up to clean up the city in the … Continue reading

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Governance : The post-GST era

JULY 1, 2017 is indeed a red letter day in Indian history as it was it was on this day that India’s biggest indirect tax reform, a comprehensive dual Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in our country. The … Continue reading

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First stirrings : Among the first of the doyens

AS we mark the 95th birthday of a man who made exemplary contribution during his service and subsequently to the society, we have amongst us one of the senior-most IAS officer present in the country today. Born in Peshawar (North … Continue reading

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Bric a Brac : Publicity on public money

THE 17th Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is going to be a fierce battle between Narendra Modi-led BJP and Opposition Parties and Modi has the advantage as he has prepared for elections much in advance. Sources disclosed that the Government of … Continue reading

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