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gfiles is the country's first independent magazine written, designed and produced for India's civil services—the vast and formidable network of bureaucracies and public sector organisations that provides continuity and stability to this nation's governance.

Eyes wide shut : Ethics of governance

A new chapter was recently added to the old debate on the relationship between the political executive and the senior bureaucracy when the Chief Secretary of National Territory of Delhi accused a couple of legislators of the ruling party of … Continue reading

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SO, what is the truth about the dark shadow of doubt that continues to linger over Indian Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)—that they can be hacked or rigged to fix elections. The controversy acquires a fresh lease of life after every … Continue reading

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Governance : UN against illicit tobacco trade

Illicit cigarette smuggling has over the years created a multitude of problems for India. It negatively impacts financial health resulting from tax arbitrage; it has also led to a sharp rise in anti-social activities as elements actively indulging in illicit … Continue reading

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STATESCAN : Chandigarh ‘Metropolis’ as Punjab Capital?

BY definition a Metropolis is a large city or conurbation which is a significant economic, political, and cultural centre for a country or region, and an important industrial / commercial hub. A big city belonging to a larger urban agglomeration, … Continue reading

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Book Extract : How Babri Masjid fell, brick by brick

THE atmosphere in Lucknow was surcharged with the developments relating to the Babri Masjid. Both the Central Government and the State Government had given an assurance to the Supreme Court that they would protect the Babri Masjid. On the other … Continue reading

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Globe Scan : US-China-Russia-India : New Wars of 21st Century

THE global order is in a flux. Leading world powers like the US, China and Russia are hedging their bets and working out strategic options in an environment beset by uncertainty. India too is carefully weighting alternatives, as it plays … Continue reading

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Globe Scan : Sino-Indian ties : Chinese envoy’s googly

ON June 18 the Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui took diplomatic watchers by surprise with an elaborate but a contentious statement suggesting a trilateral summit under Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to settle boundary issues between India and Pakistan. The … Continue reading

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Bric a Brac : Nitish for PM

Speculation on the results of the 2019 general elections has already begun. There is a discomfort in the ruling BJP leadership. We’ll tell you why. It is learnt that the patriarchal RSS has undertaken an internal survey of all parliamentary … Continue reading

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Bric a Brac : Gesture of Rijiju

Parliament is a forum for discussion and debates of national importance. Sometime the debates are heated and sometimes humorous but the ministers generally never lose their tempers. Even if a minister loses it, he or she generally meets the MPs … Continue reading

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Bric a Brac : Power, Pawar and Patels

STUNG by Congress’ taunt that Sharad Pawar’s NCP never takes the front seat, the Maharashtra politician appointed Vandana Chavan as the joint opposition candidate for the post of Rajya Sabha’s Deputy Chairman. Prickled by his boss’ decision, Praful Patel opposed … Continue reading

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